KakaoTalk PC version that connects people, the world, and more

What you can do with KakaoTalk PC version

kakaotalk PC Voicetalk 1

Free Voice Talk

You can enjoy free calls with KakaoTalk friends and PC freely. You can make free calls anytime, anywhere with family and friends abroad. 1:1 calls as well as group calls are possible.

kakaotalk PC manage emoji

Mobile emoji as they are on PC

The emoticon set that they don’t use is at the front, and the emoticon sets that are used often are at the back, so it was a hassle every time they used them.

People who use frequently used emoticons are obvious enough to put them on their fingers, but those who were troublesome because they had to click several times to visit them.

Now, you can use the emoji you use frequently with the ability to adjust the order of the emoji tabs and the favorites function.

Adjust the tab order for frequently used emoji sets in the future, and register your favorite emojis every day in Favorites to collect them in one place for more convenience.

kakaotalk PC Chatroom Theme

Personalized chat room background

You can freely change the background of the chat room with a variety of colors, patterns, and illustrations. Please look forward to the background of the PC version of the chat room, as it will be constantly updated.

kakaotalk PC Image Viewer

Convenient image viewer on PC

You can view multiple photos at once in the image viewer and easily move them to the one you want.

Thumbnails of photos exchanged in chat rooms can be viewed with photos, so you can easily find the photos you want without having to click multiple times.

In addition, the design has been improved so that the window size is larger and the various functions of the photo viewer can be used more easily.

kakaotalk PC notice 1

Notification window that collects and shows new news

In addition to KakaoTalk messages, try using the news feature that collects and displays other notifications.

If it’s your birthday, you’re not supposed to say it’s your birthday, if you want to vote, and if there’s a comment, you have to say it ran…

All the news, from now on, I will tell you excellently. Show more> Try clicking on the speech bubble button on the right side of your account.
Friend’s birthday, voting in chat rooms, comments and likes on posts on the bulletin board, etc. It is more convenient because it shows all the important news.

kakaotalk PC Calendar

Smart schedule management

Calendar, a must-have for people living smart these days, can now be checked in the More tab.

Today’s schedule, invited schedule, and even creating a new schedule! Try solving it in one shot in the More tab 🙂

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